Passionate About Inspiring Others

Constantinos Theodorou (aka:Tino) is  an entertainer, life mentor, explorer and visionary entrepreneur who devoted his life; studying, researching and exploring all aspects of life and human potential.

After completing his studies in Management Information System, he went on to work in managerial and information system support positions in the Cypriot government and various other private companies. He then went on pursing the Entrepreneurial Dream Life, by starting up his own businesses and joining various opportunities.

He created various small business and a large organization in a network marketing business; that gave him the opportunity to travel around the world helping thousands of people. He was mentored by many successful individuals in the field of personal and business development, studied and attended a variety of programs, books and events and became a certified life coach; giving him in-depth specialized knowledge and experience in many areas of life and entrepreneurship.

He is passionate about innovation, creativity and always looking for simple and efficient ways to help, entertain and inspire others. His sense of accomplishment comes not from the money. He believes creating wealth is as simple as providing value in the lives of others.


I consider my self a rebellious and free spirit, constantly working on my personal development, studying, researching and gathering as much knowledge as possible to improve myself and others; and even though i have achieved a lot in my life both on a personal and business level there was a period in my life where i had to go through some really tough times. 


2017 was a really tough year for me.. I came to a point where i had no sense of direction, no freedom, no life. I was just existing and going with the flow. I was broke, in dept, divorced, lost myself and almost everything I’ve ever had.

And if that wasn't enough; all that stress took a toll on my health. I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia and for more than a year  i was in a mess both physically and mentally. I almost couldn't do anything,  they were days and even months i couldn't get out of the house, i was depressed, i had pains all over my body and i lost my sense of purpose.

At the same time when i was going through all those challenges; i saw a small light in the end of the tunnel. A new opportunity came to create a team with some friends (The Limitless Team). We didn't have a clear plan but our mission was to create a better world by entertaining and helping others through  various  services, videos and events.

Even though i couldn't function and i was going through hell while we were creating the team i kept pushing myself every day so, that we can fulfill our purpose...

To make the long story short...

I've realized that all the adversity that i had to go through it was "a gift"; a lesson i had to go through so that i can appreciate and enjoy life more, to have no expectations from others, to detach myself from material things, to contribute more, to love more, to forgive, to rediscover myself, to apply  all the things that i was teaching and prove to myself that all those "new age, self help shit" actually do work!

No matter how much  knowledge we have gathered; its only through life experiences that you can truly learn, understand, grow and be able to help even more people.

By changing my internal and external environment, by helping others, reprogramming my subconscious mind, eliminating limiting beliefs, being around the right people, being more present and feeding my body, mind and spirit with the right things i was able to regain my energy, vitality and clarity.

So today all areas of my life have improved tremendously and i'm feeling more alive than ever. We had great success with the limitless team and i personally created this site to inspire and help even more people. For me fibromyalgia doesn't exist in my body any more, actually it never existed it was just stress, emotional baggage and limiting beliefs that i had to overcome.


You see sometimes in order for us to make the shift; we need to reach the lowest level of despair or experience something that will shock our existence! At that point it’s where you fall down, stay down and perish, or get up and start your ascent; taking one step at a time and start designing the life of your desires.