Adversity is a Gift from the Universe

"I often hear people say: "I feel so disconnected from myself. I just can't seem to access the real me. I've read and heard that there is a huge potential inside, but somehow it gets away from me. I sense it's there; I just don't know how to get past the blocks inside. I don't know how to find it."

Of course you don't! You've lost sight of the infinite self, of your essence - you're out of touch with your own heart, your own soul; because you've spent a lifetime on the battlefield, feeding your ego with fear, limiting beliefs and the society's illusory programming.

You've lost touch with yourself, and you feel separate, bereft, alone, distanced, numb, and disconnected. And yet, every time an adversity arises, it's presenting an open invitation and a doorway to your own essence, a gateway to your soul.

Sometimes we end up on an endless search to experience the divine, to find the truth of our own being, yet every time an emotional adversity arises, we ignore it or run away from it. In so doing, we push away the opportunity to open into the infinite. Our prayer is being answered, but we ignore the response because it doesn't come in the expected form.

Adversity is a gift from the Universe. It is a gift, but only when you see it as a hurdle to overcome, rather than a block to keep you back. It is a gift if you see it as point where the universe is pushing you to change your road map.

The Gifts of Adversity are those things that seem like detours, but which turn out to be tiny re-adjustments that help guide us to our destination.

They start of as little hints, and then become stronger messages, and if you continue to ignore them, they finally hit you hard as adversities.

That small car accident was saying something. You ignored it.

Your amazing partner leaves you. You ignored it.

Then the shocking news that you have cancer, and finally you take notice — and yet, amazingly, you may still not do anything.