What It Really Means to “Just Be Yourself”?

I’ve heard the statement “just be yourself” so much. It sounds like an amazing thing to do, and I have wished many times that I could just do that. What I’ve wondered, though, is what in the world does that mean?

What if someone is arrogant and impolite to other people? Is it okay for them to just be themselves and go on being arrogant and impolite to everyone? How about people who are fearful of being around others and they keep avoiding other people?

But are those behaviors really represent their true self, or are they just traits they subconsciously picked up through their lives?

You see; the person who is impolite to others and the person who is afraid of social situations are, in actuality, not being themselves. Their real self is just being covered up with conditioned, fear-based thinking.

Our true self is who we really are when we let go of all of the stories, labels, and judgments that we have placed upon ourselves. It is who we naturally are without the masks, social conditioning and pretentiousness.

Everything else that we claim to be when we say, “This is who I am!” is only a story.

If we keep repeating the same story we will not be able to unfold and express our true self.

All of us have within a True Self, but not many of us are in touch with it. That is because the True Self was conditioned with false and limited beliefs and traits.

We believe that this is who we are. We identify our true self based on all that conditioning. We feel shame and guilt. We feel pain and unworthiness. We feel less than or more than others. We attack, defend, build walls between self and other. We push away love because it does not feel safe. We hurt ourselves or we hurt others. We shame ourselves or blame others. We abandon those we love or they abandon us. We live inside a vicious cycle of attack and defense.

If we remain in that state and keep looking our self with all the limitations, conditioning and without love and acceptance, we will not be able to see and reconnect with our True Self. We will only see a false, limited and fractured self. The self will keep growing up with conditional traits and living in a state of fear.

The True Self cannot be conditioned and confined. One's true self is not to be identified with what we own, with our social status, our reputation, or even with our body; our true self is our soul.

The True Self is our essence. It is who we are at the most fundamental level. It is the connection point between our divine origin and our human incarnation. It is the divine spark that we bring with us into this embodiment. It includes all the gifts and talents we possess in their potential. It is what makes us unique. It is the blueprint we are born with.

It is whole and complete. There is nothing lacking in it. There is nothing in it that needs to be changed or fixed.

When we are connected to our True Self, we are connected to all that is. We live in relationship to our Source or higher power. We abide in who we are.

The True Self is our energetic connection to Love. It connects us heart to heart to each other. When we rest in the True Self, there is no separation. There are no separate bodies or separate agendas. There is just infinite, boundless love.

When we abide in the True Self, we are incapable of judgment. We cannot trespass or defend. We cannot find fault. We know that we are lovable and acceptable just the way that we are and so are others.

Our True Self is the resting place of Universal Love. It lives there, breathes there, and moves out from there into the world. The True Self has been called Tao, Atman, Christ, Buddha nature, and so forth. It has many names and is spoken of in many traditions. We call it the “True Self ” because it is the essence and the center of our Being.

The True Self is eternal, consistent, unchangeable. In this sense, it is not subject to the ups and downs of physical existence. Some say it is not born and does not die because it exists beyond the vicissitudes of this world.

The True Self is there, even though we have not encountered it. It cannot be destroyed or taken away from us. However, it can be disguised, covered over or ignored. And it can take some of us a very long