Fibromyalgia Positively Changed My Life


People see my posts on social media and think everything is perfect with my life. However only a few people know the journey I've been going through the past couple of years.

Even though i'm into personal development, very positive, optimistic and always helping others, i'm also a human being and some times "SHIT" happens.. Sometimes we come face to face with some challenges that we need to overcome in order to grow stronger and wiser, to rediscover ourselves, to let our old self die and rise to who we truly are...

So about 2 years ago some things happened and i was at my lowest in all areas of my life; and all that stress took a toll on my health... so i was diagnosed with fibromyalgia and for about 1 and a half year i lost myself, i was in a mess both physically and mentally.. i almost couldn't do anything.. they were days and even months i couldn't get out of the house.. i was depressed, i had pains all over my body and i lost my sense of purpose...

At the same time when i was going through all those challenges; i saw a small light in the end of the tunnel. A new opportunity came to create a motivational team with some friends (The Limitless Team). We didn't have a clear plan but our mission was to help as many people rediscover their limitless potential and create a better world through various personal development and motivation services.

Even though i couldn't function and i was going through hell while we were creating the team i kept pushing myself by applying everything i knew and helping my self by helping others.

To make the long story short...

I've realized that all the adversity that i had to go through it was "a gift"; a lesson i had to go through so that i can appreciate and enjoy life more, to have no expectations from others, to detach myself from material things, to contribute more, to love more, to forgive, to apply  all the things that i was teaching and prove to myself that all those "new age, self help shit" actually do work!

No matter how much  knowledge we have gathered; its only through life experiences that you can truly learn, understand, grow and be able to help even more people.

By changing my internal and external environment, by helping others, reprogramming my subconscious mind, eliminating limiting beliefs, being around the right people, being more present and feeding my body, mind and spirit with the right things i was able to regain my energy, vitality and clarity.

So today all areas of my life have improved tremendously and i'm feeling more alive than ever (as you can see in the picture below) . We had great success with the limitless team and i personally created this site to inspire and help even more people. For me fibromyalgia doesn't exist in my body any more, actually it never existed it was just stress, emotional baggage and limiting beliefs that i had to overcome.

There are soo many more to my story that i want to share but i don't want to make this post any longer, maybe i will write a book or make a video about it in the future...

Hope this post inspired you and always remember that you have within all that you need to create and manifest anything you want in life...

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