What is success?

Updated: Oct 9, 2019

Success and failure is not in the volume of money flowing into your life, is not the volume of the material possessions you accumulated, is not depended on the recognition that you are finding in the world.

You are successful in life when you know how to walk with joy, when you love, smile, have fun, feel, breath, express and unfold your true self into this world.

If you were a homeless on the street and today you found a way to walk into a restaurant and be able to pay for an expensive meal; this would be the high, the pick of your success!

There is no such thing as failure, failure is just an idea, and success is also a stupid idea, your idea of what is success and what is failure.

If you want to change something, change your idea, if you just change your idea of success and failure everything would be great, isn’t it?

Every idea, every thought, every emotion, every value that you have is picked up from somewhere, and it rules you from within. Your religion, your society, your culture, has programmed and trained you to believe that this is it. So you got trapped in social situations for things that are not even your ideas, is somebody’s idea of what is success. Don’t become a slave to somebody’s idea, at least have your own idea..

So the first and foremost success is that you are not a slave to anybody’s idea, this is success,

you see every damn thing can take your life, we created the society for our well-being not to take our lives. You created your family your social structure and every other damn thing for your well being not to take your life.

Don’t make things that you create larger that your life, that is the basis of your suffering!

You already won the greatest race of your life the day you entered your mother’s womb, being alive means, you are successful.

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